Ready For Delivery Troubleshooting Guide

Retrieve Serial Number

The serial number should be located on the back of the tablet with a label/sticker. This will be needed for any calls sent to the Kroger Support Center. The Serial Number can also be grabbed from the Settings Page. To access, reboot the tablet, hit the “More” button on the bottom right corner, select Settings, and then “Device Information.” The Serial Number should be listed.

Tablet not powered on or screen is dim

The tablet and its screen will stay on as long the device is connected to power. If the tablet is disconnected from power, the device will lock itself after 30 minutes. Ensure that the power adapter is always connected to an outlet. If the device is not charging, try a different power outlet or reseat the charging cable. The kiosk enclosure can also be unlocked with the key. The key should have been left in the ECR by the installer. If an issue persists, please contact the Support Center.

Rebooting the Tablet

The button to reboot the tablet is located on the back of the kiosk. Press and Hold the button farthest to the right if you are viewing the tablet from the back and the prompt to Restart or Power Off should appear.

Not Connected to Wi-Fi

To check if your device is connected to Wi-Fi, look at the top right corner of the screen. You should see this icon . If the device isn’t connecting to the internet or Expo shows it’s Offline, try connecting to KR-Universal of #o4D@n!3LS3b@$+1@N<B. Reboot the device and select the “More” button that appears on the bottom right corner and then select Settings and then Wi-Fi. Connect to KR-Universal and verify it says, “Connected.” Tap the back button repeatedly to return to the Expo app.

Device not Configured

If you see the registration screen below, select the appropriate vendor type (Floral or Sushi) and hit Register. Devices on this screen are listed as “Offline” and are not seen by Doordash or Olo. Select the appropriate vendor and then tap “Submit.”

Device Configured Incorrectly

If your tablet is configured to the wrong vendor type (Sushi or Floral), it will need to re-registered. To check, tap the Gear on the top right Corner and then “Need Help?” The box that appears will tell you the location. Below is an example of a sushi kiosk.

To Re-Register, go to the Gear on the top right corner and tap Device Settings and then “Deactivate Device.” Select the appropriate vendor type from the dropdown menu. It should look like the image from the “Device not Configured” section. Note: Do not use “Deactivate” to stop orders from coming to the device. Follow the steps in the next section to do so.

Disable Online Ordering

If you are unable to receive orders from online marketplaces, tap the Gear on the top right corner and then tap “Ordering Settings.” Toggle “Enable Online Ordering” off and provide the reason under the dropdown menu.

What steps do I take when calling the Help Desk KSC? 1-800-952-8889

Please have your Store Number, Department and Serial number on the back of the Kiosk. The following information will get you to the right team quicker.

KB0016758 – Margherita Kiosk Install Troubleshooting