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People and Planet First

As a brand within the SNOWFOX Group we act in ways to create better food for everyone, that is kind to both the planet and people to make a difference by building a culture of trust and providing products that are sustainably sourced and made with quality ingredients.


Sustainability at the SNOWFOX Group is about better food for everyone, The Japanese Way. For us, this means food that has a low impact on the environment and a socially inclusive approach to business, built upon a culture of trust. As part of a leading international, multi-channel food and restaurant business, providing sushi and Japanese food to the world’s leading retailers and food service providers, we recognize our responsibility to provide products that are kind to both the planet and people, now and in the future.

Our People

Our people are at the heart of our success. We will continue to foster an entrepreneurial and inclusive culture, while supporting the communities we operate in and serve.

Our Products

We know great food can be healthy, delicious, and responsibly sourced. And we’re working with our partners to ensure we deliver on this promise to our customers, daily.

Our Planet

Serving better food means doing so at lower impact. We are aiming to minimize this impact across our supply chain, in our operations and in our consumer experience.

To learn more about our ESG, sustainability and diversity initiatives please visit